Our Mission and Values

The Women's Imaging Centre is part of South Coast Radiology which is Queensland's largest independent provider of medical imaging services and aims to be Queensland’s most respected radiology group by health practitioners and patients alike.

Our mission is to make state-of-the-art medical imaging available to every patient and referrer and to maximise the benefits of access to fast turn around of digital images and expert reports. We employ a group of skilled, compassionate staff who are actively involved in the medical community and dedicated to patient care. Our vision is to continue to expand services geographically and technically, in order to apply our radiology experience and skills for the betterment of health care in Queensland.

To achieve this, the partners and staff at The Women's Imaging Centre deliver services that:

  • Offer exceptional patient comfort, safety and welfare 
  • Respect patients’ privacy
  • Meet the expectations and needs of our referring practitioners
  • Employ evidence-based medicine
  • Encourage continuing education for staff
  • Implement quality audits of equipment and services
  • Provide and encourage the appropriate use of advanced technology
  • Harness the vision, commitment, skills and experience of all staff, and
  • Provide employees with a safe and comfortable work environment, fair remuneration and opportunities for advancement.
  • Accedited Diagnostic Imaging Practice

    The South Coast Radiology staff members who perform examinations and interpret your medical images, such as radiologists, radiographers, nuclear medicine technologists, nurses and sonographers, hold appropriate qualifications and registration, and uphold continuing professional education to meet or exceed minimum Australian standards. The radiology health services we provide, using the best equipment available, meet or exceed quality assurance and safety guidelines, and current Australian standards.

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