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You’re exceptional – expect exceptional service

At the Women’s Imaging Centre, we understand that women have unique health care concerns. We believe that women deserve access to a special place created specifically for them, where they can obtain highly specialised diagnostic imaging in a compassionate, caring environment. As such, The Women’s Imaging Centre has been built to offer women these specialised facilities.
The partners of The Women’s Imaging Centre also understand that quality of care is your primary concern. Our patients have true peace of mind knowing that our radiologists, radiographers, sonographers, nursing and support staff have extensive specialist experience in women’s imaging – providing unparalleled care for female patients in the Gold Coast and Tweed Valley regions.

Our team

At The Women’s Imaging Centre, we combine our advanced imaging expertise with a patient-centred approach to care. The Centre is part of South Coast Radiology, a privately owned partnership of radiologists with more than 40 years of experience servicing patients of the Gold Coast and Tweed region. South Coast Radiology was the first practice to offer specialised mammography and ultrasound services to the region, and have been at the forefront of women’s imaging for many decades.   As a testament to the companies commitment to women's imaging, a dedicated practice was set up in 2011 to meet the unique health care needs of women.  The Women's Imaging centre is located on the corner of Queen and High streets at Premion Place, Southport.

Our service

Services for women, provided by women. The Women’s Imaging Centre support and technical staff comprises women only. Our highly trained staff have further training in women’s imaging examinations and understand the unique health concerns of women so that they can provide the services for our patients in a skilled, yet reassuring manner.

As the preferred choice for women’s imaging in the region, our philosophy is to provide world’s best equivalent services and techniques to patients of the Gold Coast. The Partners of The Women’s Imaging Centre have invested in the most advanced and accurate diagnostic and interventional equipment currently available. This equipment is expensive, but necessary to provide patients and their doctors with the latest techniques and procedures.

 Your experience

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel the difference. Our expert, caring staff are trained and dedicated to ensuring your privacy, dignity and comfort. You’ll notice that the women-only waiting room, private interview rooms and state-of-the-art facility create a nonclinical, calm and comfortable atmosphere. The radiologists and staff are exceptionally skilled and sensitive to the needs of women of all ages, particularly when they might be anxious about a complex imaging procedure.

Extended appointment times are offered to ensure that you will never feel rushed or pressured. Additionally extra support staff are available to liaise with your GP and specialist practice staff to facilitate further investigations and follow-up appointments. We also have dedicated nursing staff available to offer individual discussion of diagnostic and interventional procedures.

 Your results

We understand that with any tests, you want answers. At The Women’s Imaging Centre, you’ll be able to receive your preliminary results at the conclusion of your examination. When appropriate, one of our radiologists might perform further scanning or discuss your results. The final report will be forwarded to your doctor via The Women's Imaging Centre usual delivery methods.

 The Women’s Imaging Centre offers:

  • Full-field digital mammography
  • Image-guided breast biopsies and aspirations – ultrasound and stereotactic
  • Pre-surgical image-guided needle localisation
  • Breast ductography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Obstetric ultrasound – with 3D/4D
  • First Trimester Screening – nuchal translucency
  • Hysterosonography
  • General and vascular ultrasound
  • DEXA bone densitometry
  • CT – computed tomography
  • General x-ray
  • Nuclear medicine – Nerang St, Southport
  • MRI – Nerang St, Southport

Car parking

There is ample, free, off-street parking for patients with access from White Street.

  • Our History

    As a testament to the company’s commitment to women’s imaging, in 2011 South Coast Radiology set up a dedicated practice for women’s imaging at Queen St, Southport. The Women’s Imaging Centre is designed to meet the unique health care needs of women by providing specialist medical imaging services in a professional and caring environment.

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  • Our Radiologists

    The radiologists of The Women's Imaging Centre continue to develop their knowledge and expertise through a well supported continuing professional development programme. They regularly attend Australian and International Radiology Conferences and mini-fellowships to ensure they can offer the latest technologies and proficiencies to their patients.

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  • Our Breast Imaging Radiologists

    At The Women's Imaging Centre we have an experienced team of dedicated radiologists who have further sub-specialty training and expertise in Breast Imaging. All our mammograms are double read in line with RANZCR best practice guidelines. In the case...

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  • Our People

    The Women's Imaging Centre staff members who perform examinations and interpret your medical images, such as radiologists, radiographers, nurses and sonographers, hold appropriate qualifications and registration, and uphold continuing professional education to meet and exceed minimum Australian standards.

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  • Our Mission and Values

    Our mission is to make state-of-the-art medical imaging available to every patient and referrer and to maximise the benefits of access to fast turn around of digital images and expert reports. We employ a group of skilled, compassionate staff who actively contribute to the medical community and patient care.

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  • Our Technology

    All of our practices provide the latest digital technology and equipment, to diagnose and treat illness, store images and communicate results. If better equipment is available that allows safer, faster and better health care for patients, we consider that a sound purchasing decision and worthwhile investment.

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  • Our News

    Check out the latest news and updates from the South Coast Radiology group.

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  • Our Privacy Policy

    1. ABOUT THIS POLICY 1.1 At the South Coast Radiology Group, we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information affiliated with our services and activities. The South Coast Radiology Group comprises South Coast...

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